Remember Yourself Mommy

After having children, it’s so easy to forget yourself.  As mothers we become so engrossed in our children, and everyday life, that we forget about ourselves in the process.  It’s okay to be engrossed in them, but we must also remember to take a little time.  Go out on the town, have dinner by yourself, go to the spa, treat yourself to a movie.  Anything that will give some semblance of the person you were before the children.  

My favorite thing to do on a morning, after I drop the kids off to school, is to sit in the driveway when I get home.  It gives me time to mentally prepare myself for the day.  I spend at least ten to fifteen minutes just sitting there.  Either listening to the radio, or sitting in complete silence.  That’s my me time for the day.  Without it, I feel as though I have been going nonstop throughout the day.  

With the realization that we moms tend to forget ourselves sometimes, I have come up with a monthly event called,  “Mom’s Night Out”, beginning in August, for my fellow NYC moms. (Date TBD) This is an event geared strictly for moms to get an hour, or two….or three, away from it all. I would greatly appreciate the input of my fellow moms on this one.  What would you like to do with a few hours away from it all, while hanging with other moms? All suggestions are welcome.  Feel free to leave a comment below. 

As always, thanks for sharing in my journey. 

Welcome: Adeniji Chronicles in Bloom

The main goal of individuals, when deciding to start a family, is to raise their children in the best way possible.  As mothers, we strive for everything, pertaining to our child/ren, to be perfect. From the birth, to the way the child is fed, to the way they should sleep, and the list goes on.  Seldom does it work out the exact way we imagined it.

When it comes to motherhood, we are often painted a picture of blissful perfection. Baby comes, and you live “happily ever after”.  Not!  As a mother of three, I can say that there may be a myriad of meltdown mornings, tantrum afternoons, mood swing evenings, and sleepless nights.  There are so many many wonderful parts of motherhood, that we can talk about forever (I know I can), but what about the not so good parts?

Why are we made to feel guilty when we have a “not so good day”?  Many moms internalize the not so good days out of a fear of being judged. This is why I have started AdenijiChronicles.  A judgement free zone where we, as moms, can address the “good”, the “bad”, and the “ugly”, so to speak.  Motherhood isn’t all glitters and rainbows.  Join me as we chronicle through my motherhood journey.  I hope to help someone along the way with my experiences, and I hope you can help myself, or someone else with yours.