Change the Narrative 

H&M… H&M… H&M… 😧😧😧 So yesterday I logged into my IG account and a few scrolls down I came across this picture,  we all know the picture by now, no need for me to add to the numerous times it’s been shared.   When I saw the picture, I smiled and said to myself, “what a cutie pie” his skin caught my attention first,  then my eyes caught his shirt.  😒 Seriously!  WTF?!  I was really offended, but decided to collect my thoughts before I went on a rant.  

Apparently everyone involved with this thought it was cool,  including his mom,  btw.  I can only imagine the amount of departments and hands these ad campaigns have to go through.  Not one? Not one person decided that this was not okay?  🤔  So now it’s out and of course there are people upset about it, me being one of them, but there are also the naysayers.  The ones that apparently don’t see anything wrong, and are upset with the people that are offended.   “It’s just a hoodie.” “His mother doesn’t care. Why should I?”  “Oh it’s not US based H&M, they’re overseas.”  “Y’all are reaching!”  😔😔😔  

It’s sad to me. Here’s why.  Our blackness has been made the butt of every joke.   We have been compared to monkeys, apes, and gorillas  for ages.  Most recently, our former President and his wife, with all their accolades, couldn’t escape those same disgusting jokes.  Now here we are, and this beautiful little boy is used,  unbeknownst to him, as the butt of the joke.  Yes, some monkeys are mischievous little creatures, and they can be cute and cuddly,  but guess what??? That’s not the description when it comes down to us.   The negative connotations associated with monkeys and blackness will never be okay. 

I felt so down for this child, and then this happened.

Found the source: Via @mrchrisclassic on IG


The way I smiled when I saw this. 🤗🤗 We are how we see ourselves.  Grab a pen and change the narrative. 

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